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Fashion Icon of America: Michelle Obama

Out with the non-nationalistic fashion icon such as  Christian Dior, De  La Renta Oscar and Yves Saint Laurent. America is now with over-flowing admiration with Michelle Obama’s wardrobe.

The first African American and the most powerful family in America now moved to the White House with their very own designer clothing makers, Isabel Toleda and Jason Wu. This two designers became an instant superstar after the inauguration.

Source: Thaindian

Michelle Obama’s Biography:

Born on January 17, 1964, Michelle Robinson was raised in a one-bedroom apartment on Chicago’s South Shore.

Of note is that she shared a “bedroom” with her brother, but it wasn’t much of a bedroom. It was actually the living room with a divider down the middle. Michelle’s father died in 1990 two years before she married Barack, but her mother is still alive and living in the same one-bedroom apartment, protected by a burglar-proof wrought-iron door and secured windows.

After high school Michelle Robinson majored in sociology at Princeton University, graduating with cum laude honors in 1985. From there she attended Harvard where she earned her law degree in 1988, one year ahead of her husband-to-be, Barack, whom she hadn’t met yet but attended the same law school.  Source: Biography


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